Personalized French lessons at home

Learn the language while navigating through French culture,
routine situations and paperwork:

- Partnering to get your things done: housing, working permit,
driving-license, getting a job, schooling...

- Understanding the French: do's & don'ts

I will help you make the most of your stay in France!

Private and group lessons, in the Grésivaudan

Private lessons : invite the French language at home, just for you!

Improve very fast: the most effective way to significantly improve oral and written skills. 

Gain self-confidence: as you learn in your own secure environment you first gain confidence in your capacities to speak French. You will then quickly feel at ease when speaking in public, with the French. This will have a very positive effect on your learning, and the more you speak, the faster you improve!

Focus on specific needs: business French, for example.

French with friends : invite your friends to share our lessons and we will organize a small group.

Enjoy a very pleasant moment: gather with friends for a coffee and work on a common goal.

Learn to interact within a group and work in group: defend your opinion, be assertive, build a project or accomplish a task together (organize a trip or participate to school events).

Share your impressions and ideas during your stay in France: do not remain isolated, speak about your expat life, about the positive and negative aspects of France and the French.

French at work : no need to attend classes after work.

We agree on a time in your workplace: French for you provides face-to-face or small groups lessons at your own pace.

Analyze your very specific communication needs: we will collect together the types of language know-how to be dealt with in priority for your job.

Develop your skills in French through a training program based on real communication situations taking into consideration the cultural aspects.